About Us

Who we are

FX Printers is one of the top printer manufacturers in Asia. It has long established itself as a company that creates high-quality products and provides the best aftersales support to clients and business partners.

FX Printers have been in the industry of producing printers for 12 years. Even if we are relatively new in the business, we have reached milestones after milestones and we are now recognized as one of the leading printer manufacturer and wholesalers in Asia. We are also becoming a popular brand name for printers in America and Europe in the last five years. Our goal as a company is to be a global brand for computer software and hardware.

What we do

We have manufacturing plants in several parts of Hong Kong. In the first few years of the business, we were the chosen partner of most commercial offices in the city. Because of our quality printers and care for customers, we were bestowed one of the highest awards that a manufacturer could ever get. We received the Best Printer Manufacturer title in 2014.
If you belong to a company that is looking for a supplier of printers, accessories, and parts, you can go and talk to us. We can provide you with everything printing software and hardware that you need. And don’t worry about the cost. We offer competitive prices on all our products and services. We even give discounts and voucher codes to clients.