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FX Printers is a manufacturing company that produces high-quality printers for commercial and residential use. We are also opening opportunities for dealerships and electronics stores to sell our products through retail and wholesale options. You can rely on FX Printers to provide you with every type of printer that you need for your work, for your office, and for businesses. If you want to save money on electronics but still get the best value for your money using vodafone prepago, all you have to do is to get an FX Printers product and you are good to go.

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We are a relatively new company compared to other computer and printer manufacturing giants. We just started our business in late 2007. Coming from the success of our semiconductor company, we opted to continue the same mentality and the same culture to the FX Printers company. Our progress has been a very smooth one. We created our shop online to cater to clients who make business dealings on the web. We also wanted to offer an easier purchasing experience to the private market that seeks convenience and comfort when shopping. Our investment in a printer manufacturing company paid off. Even during the season when the stock exchange market went down, we stayed afloat and even gained an increase in stock prices. Today, we are still going strong with 4 major manufacturing plants situated in major parts of Hong Kong. We are now selling millions of printers every year. We are hoping to build our first printer manufacturing company abroad by the year 2022.

Our product

When it comes to printers, we have always aimed for quality pictures and the durability of parts. These were and are always part of our mission. We do not want to compromise quality over cost. This is why we invested most of our capital on research and development. We focused on bolstering our product and made sure that we are delivering a unit that we are confident of presenting. After three years of research, we launched our first printer model series. Our units catered to school use, office use, and even commercial utilization. The FXG1 Giga was our most successful printer launch on our pioneer year. And each year yielded us more and more revenue which caused the company to increase in popularity not only in Hong Kong but also in Asia and Europe.

Best deals

Today, we are recognized as one of the best printer manufacturers in Asia. About two-thirds of business offices in Hong Kong utilize our products and our services. We can proudly say that, through hard work and perseverance, we are able to build the company from scratch and create a robust and durable business. You can rely on us to partner with you and assist you in your printing needs.

Our printers are still the top-selling products that we have. We are now on our twelfth year as a printer manufacturing company and we will continue to serve our customers through quality products, quick and reliable service, and outstanding after-sales support.


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2/F MW Tower, 111 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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